I Put This As My Number 1

I put this as my number 1 experience for a reason. I am very, very loyal to my man. I love him w/ all my heart & would never do anything to betray his trust. I don't want to be hit on. I don't want to be asked dirty questions. If you compliment me I will take it as graciously as possible. Who doesn't like a compliment? But don't think you are getting anything out of it. :) My bf is #1 in my life.
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4 Responses Oct 19, 2007

thats what im saying ive not had anyone try to say anything out of the way to me yet but i know that theres a few sex feines in every website.... lol...

Aw sweet, and not the only one don't worry.

Here here, I too am married and loyal. This site for me is just a way of making tenuous connections with like minded people. Maybe it's a way of finding out if i'm weird or not. or if i'm weird checking that i'm not the only one.

I applaud you....in a society where adultery and dishonesty is an epidemic, I am impressed by your resolute stand and loyalty. You have a very lucky man.