I Was Happily Married With Children At One Time

I was pregnant with a boy right as I started to show my husband started to cheat, I found out and so I left for a while. The sweet talking jerk had me reeled back in later in the pregnancy, until he cheated again and each time he got more and more bold, so again I had left this time I did not speak to him for weeks, then I finally spoke to him because he was driving my sister nuts with his all hours calls and so I griped for him to stop calling, then later he sobbed so much to my sister that she thought he actually meant what he said and she asked me to give him another chance, I went into labor the same night and had my baby accross the country from his dad, the father of my other kids too. The thing was when I did give him another chance 3 weeks after my son was born he got worse and worse, I eventually gave up after my youngest turned a year, I found out the jerk had been cheating from day one even before we got married. I have experience with the good and bad parts of relationships and I want to use that experience to help others.

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I think that's true but it still doesn't change the fact it's messed up...

I truly believe that people cheat because they don't love themselves therefore they try to get as many people as possible to build themselves up. You talk about him being in tears and he probably in his own way cared for you, but didn't care for himself. You did the right thing for your family to leave, hopefully you can teach your children better.

No I have children with my ex husband, he is their father.

I'm confused. So you have children with your ex-husband and his father? So that would make your ex-husband the brother of your 2 eldest sons? <br />
<br />
Its a drag when people take advantage of good hearted people. I know its happened to me. That's why I have issues with trust in general.

Thank you, I know, I just don't intend to be with him again. I deserve better then that and I know it. The only reason I was with him so long was I was too kind hearted and loving for my own good, I wanted to believe in him but he just had to be a jerko. In my opinion it doesn't matter what you do a jerk is a jerk is a jerk and will always be a jerk.

Agree with Kitten : )

there are no easy answers here <br />
you trust him and he broke that trust<br />
time heals all <br />
you will heal and be able to love again<br />
keep up the good fight<br />
and God bless those babies<br />