My Husband Is A Liar

My husband secretly created an account on here and put that he wasn't interested in sex chat but he has fallen in love with someone that he has been emailing for 6 months and they have been having intimate chats.

I have now lost my husband to this woman as I just can't fight anymore as she wins every time and he cares more for her than me and our children.
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Your husband's a jackass! It won't last and he'll come crawling back....don't let him. A leopard never changes his spots. Not only did he deceive you, but he's been carrying on an affair for awhile. He has kids and didn't give a rats testicle. I'm so sorry he did this to you. The internet is the devil's playground. There are a lot of married people in here cyber cheating. To each his own. Fugghet about him!!! and get an attorney.

what a ****, but it is all about the sex

Orchid is right. No use crying over spilled milk and all that jazz. Although it may hurt now, you are better off without that kind of man in your life. Best of luck to you next time around.

Don't worry, once a liar always a liar. He will do the same thing to her once the heat is over,
watch the trend, you will be laughing one day.. Courage and take care of yourself.

God remebers you...and Iam your friend! Cry on my shoulders!