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I Will Not Go There

One of the most sacred aspects of my being happens to be my love of sharing my life experiences through writing.. That is why I came to EP, to write and to read what others who share my interests are writing.

I have NO interest in flirtatious or sexual conversations with anyone on EP, none whatsoever. I am lavishly satisfied with my private intimate relationship with my husband of thirty years. I don't cheat or flirt. I don't mislead anyone in any way. I don't want to be unkind to anyone, I realize that everyone has their own motives for coming here to the Experience Project, and I do not judge anyone that is here to form sexual connections, the world is a lonely place and people need to reach out sometimes... but, I am not the right woman for those folks to contact and I refuse to start down that road with anyone, male or female. I wish everyone happiness and success in whatever your pursuit is here on EP, just don't waste your time on me, I made my choice of a solitary sex partner decades ago.

 Respectfully, HBC
hillbillycrone hillbillycrone 56-60, F 5 Responses Feb 8, 2012

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Internet discussion forums tend to sink to the sophomore frat boy level unless there is human "moderation" of every discussion. The old term for moderator is "censor."<br />
<br />
I married in the 1980s and have no intention of being unfaithful or marrying again.<br />
<br />
If one wishes to be ignored by the cyberperverts that congregate here:<br />
* choose a profile pic that is not suggestive in the least (in my case, who desires intimacy with a wolf?)<br />
* If one is married, say it on your profile and mention it often. If you are not married, lie;<br />
* Make sure your list of experiences includes nothing suggestive. If you post a story in a suggestive group, join, write your experience, that unjoin;<br />
* If you are young, overstate your age. If you are old, tell the truth;<br />
* Respect good usage and proper spelling.

Good Points one and all, thank you Consa.

I have thought about this...why people cannot just reach out for friendship and sharing here, why they have to behave so crudely on EP when there are tons of other sites that encourage vulgarity and crudeness? I suspect that sometimes this is an awkward attempt at reaching out...but who would know, their words are so crude and insincere that they make one want to block them before they ever get a change to know them....I thank you for your kind comment and for reading this my precious friend. Blessings and Care.

I feel the same, here to support,and share-read stories. We are both blessed with loving relationships. I have the one true lov in my life over 18+ years :) i do know we can have good fun with friends that respect us..i do...and no one can really harm us here...we all set boundries... and respect them...i have been here going on 4 yrs i changed the last few yrs...and I've done it at this same profile...i'm very happy being just me... <br />
<br />
A very Classy Beautiful in and out-Magical caring -Witch I'm very happy to have as a friend! endless blessings to both of you ;)

yes, i agree. i created a group and wrote a story about this same topic a while back. the group is called "I am not a cyberfreak" lol i had really had it with all the pervs!

Going there soon! It's getting stupid on EP, already today I have had two or three freaks!

You are interesting Miss, But i always suggest you give your suggestions when anybody any kind of suggestions in their life...<br />
<br />
thanks you miss<br />
<br />
thanks<br />

? huh ?

I missed the mans point?