Too Bad If You Are Horny...

I think EP is about something deeper...a real connection. If you seek sex and nothing more, go to an adult matchmaker site...I will talk about my experiences, but I will not sit here while you jerk off.



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Bravoooo..... ;)

I understand what you are saying, I do not want cyber either. I enjoy good conversation.

Intercourse is good, especially when it is words and ideas.

roger that lonely, a little sensitivity to some of the subtle cues someone is givin out will help to avoid much frustration on both sides.

My point was: Talking and sharing sexual experience stories is fine, but I prefer my sex to be real, meaningful and emotion filled. I am not a cyber ************ tool.<br />
<br />
Thank you to those who understand that.

I feel there's a right person, place and time for everything, it's o.k. to joke around but you gotta know your boundries. I do'nt think these people are at the bottom of the food chain, alot of it is outta fun, just know your boundries. ( afterall that's why we have experience groups ) For me bottom line is: Respect the Ladies!

yeah cycle baby.. you're hot too! wanna got down sometime?

I belong to some groups where we talk about sexual experiences; I hope that is not what you mean. It is certainly nothing one would jerk off to, and fits in with the intention of sharing experiences. I am guessing that you ladies get rude comments from jackasses such as CopperCoil, and I agree that is uncalled for.

EP for the most part is thoughtful. I have been able to talk about my life and have met some wonderful people through that process. I guess there will always be those types at the bottom of the food chain that wont stay away but for the most part this place and the the friendships I've made have been a huge positive in my life.

ah, come on gals, you know you want it :)