I, Also, Am Not Here For Sex.

I can entertain few intimate questions. And would gladly talk about them with open mind. I try not offend your sincerety to know that part of me. And won't decline your genorosity to extend yours.
But so as not to create disappointments, I will have to put limit to our conversation about intimacy. We all have are ideals and frustrations. Turn ons and turn offs. And I don't feel right to tell you those, neither am I interested to knowing yours. I'd say if you stand as one qualified to assess me, the intimate part of me, then I'd be willing to explain. I have high expectations for my sex partner and I can be easily turned off in a spur. I have my fears of rejections and neither apt to be known here. I am not here for sex. I am here to explore but not to be manipulated.
I believe that what you shared in the open, should be appreciated in the open. What should be done behind closed door should remain private.
And I'm not here to talk about that unless we are in both room naked. Because nothing really arouses me more than anything else, than being with a man, flesh and blood. Where I can feel his nostrils, the sound of his lung, the beatings of his heart next to mine. Breathing, feeling the warmth and strong sensual touch of a man I am actually attracted with. Neither am I here to boast of my sexual quests with and for my private partner.
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2 Responses Feb 5, 2012

Sex is like chocolate. We all like it but when people talk about nothing else day and night it gets boring. Yeah , reckon I'm with you on this one :)

Thanks Chatty, And you're right, people who talk only about sex are just boring. =(

Exploring you.. It seems this ocean will take time to be explored...

Thanks for taking your time reading my story. n_n