Not A Prude, Just Believe In Respect And A Time And Place For Things..

I like sex and that's good, but I also like my personal space and respect even more. I don't feel I have to add all these groups to get my point across but I keep getting "fanned" by men and some women with with 80% sex-related groups. Hey, that's your thing more power to you, I honestly respect those who are at least honest about what they like. It will work for others who are seeking the likeminded. My intent when I got here was to meet some people local because I'm the lone single girl in my circle and lonely. I'm also at a time where I feel burnt out on dating and sex and just wanted to find someone to hang with, male or female in a strictly platonic way. I'd also be open to online pen pals, but it seems like when I became more active on here and started putting myself out there, some men thought maybe I was actually wanting to "put out" when I never really added groups or made my profile sound like I was. I know I cant judge a book by its cover but being on yahoo, Ive spoken to a lot of guys who sounded promising until the conversation degraded into asking "wat u liek in bed", then I lied and bolted the **** out of there. I'm just protecting my sanity, here, not judging what people like to do sexually just to make myself clear. I will say that if you just want to talk, we can do that, just ix-nay on the sexual ****, I'm not here for that. When I'm horny I go excuse myself and take care of it- I dont seek out uninterested strangers for instant gratification. If you want mutual satisfaction, find some one who wants it too until then, keep me out of it.
Lov3intheasylum Lov3intheasylum
36-40, F
Dec 4, 2012