My Butt Got Spanked Enough When I Was Younger

My reason for coming here is to find like-minded people who want to be supportive, not promise me a spanking that will light a fire not only in my bare bottom but between my legs as well. It's the primary reason I' m hesitant to add any guys. I need healing from some of what I went through, and never want to relive it on any level.
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5 Responses Dec 4, 2012

did you speak from this to a psychologue

i understand you for me also

Spanking in between your legs, that pretty serve. Sory, what did you do to get hit there? I do not blame you for wanting to forget about that ordeal.

Everything is different for everybody. It's good to say what you mean. Hope you feel better.

Spanking is to learn from, not for sexual enjoyment when you are a kid.