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Don't Throw Rocks In A Glasshouse!

I have friends who "think" they are helping me by giving corrective criticism.... not cool at times to do that. Sometimes just supporting words are needed... don't they know I kick my own butt enough without hearing their wisdom on me or what I "should" do.

It's like here.... why kick someone while they are down! Not my style, even if I feel they need a kick in the butt. ;) Be nice and gentle folks! You could be saving someones life!!!!
MorningBreeze MorningBreeze 56-60, F 6 Responses Apr 15, 2012

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I completely feel you! Whenever I try to talk to people about my problems, they always try to fix them for me. They don't get that we get it. We know. We just want someone to listen, that's all. It gets really frustrating. I'm at the point where I just don't tell people my problems anymore, and it's getting to be a problem XD

Anyway, have virtual hugz <3 And cookies ^^

abso-bloody-lutely! don't want to hear how someone thinks I should feel, just be supportive. be a friend. or if you need to say your piece, say it in a non-aggressive way.

that's a fact! it's like when i'm a bit ...wired-up over something and someone tells me to calm down... i do believe i shoot laser beams from my eyes at that moment. .... my father always! told me to.."get a hold of myself"... so the rest of my life...till recently.. i kept myself... locked. this resulted in a caged soul afaird to show emotions. yup.... not no more!

that's what is desired in the modern era.. that we all should be constantly CONTAINED. no passion, no fervor.

my boyfriend is alot into corrective critism... most of the time he is right but the way he brings it around does annoy me alot sometimes lol.... when I try to explain how I feel about his critism he does not get the point at all... it passes 10 feet above is head lol...<br />
But it's almost his only downside so I accept it allong with the rest, nobody is perfect.. In time I am paying less attention to this...<br />
beside his habit of corecting others he is absolutely lovable, <br />
he does corrects other, but he acts almost impecable so what can I say....

lol... ohhh.. hmm.. well, it IS all about how ..and when to correct someone. It take gentleness for me and not when i am down and out.

me too I prefer gentleness, sometime he is a bit harsh and I don't like that!

I hear ya. Me too. I don't need to hear criticisms. I get enough in my real life, I don't need to hear it here too. I come here for support & to feel better not worse!<br />
<br />
Great story, I've added it to my library.

thanks! we all come here to feel special, to share and vent.... sometimes to be around folks and interact... without the desire to be...put down or put in our place! have a good day!

I hear ya.<br />
A pat on the back goes a helluva lot farther than a kick in the pants.

yup, or even just for someone to listen.. don't need a word said.. just knowing someone cared and told them that...they did, share it..nothing more is needed.

Agreed. <br />
I rarely post my inner turmoil for that very reason. I am already my own worst enemy.

lordy do I relate... the world is full of folks that would love to put you down farther to feel better about themself.... mean people suck! ;)