I like to masturba7e.

Attention grabbing title there.

Now, it's entirely certain the number of readers attracted to this sort of story will depend on your gender and looks. But I'm curious.

How would the numbers differ?

I propose four parameters in this experiment. Duration of experiment: to be decided.

1. Ugly male
2. Attractive male
3. Ugly female
4. Attractive female

Four accounts to be created, all of which bear avatar photos. ************ and sexual fantasy stories (for each account) will be posted in staggered timing, one month apart to prevent suspicion.

I don't think that I have time for this experiment right now, but once I have a bit more time (perhaps in two or three years time) I'll look back again and consider doing this.
Sumgai83 Sumgai83
1 Response May 6, 2012

When I seen the title my thoughts were Oh boy another story posted in the wrong group.

Nah, I'm really not here to date. Trolling might be fun though.