It's natural for people to look on chat sites and think most people are looking to date with the unknowns.

It's a fascinating thought too. Someone whom you have never met, never seen but just spoken to & had long conversations. Someone with whom you feel that you are connected very emotionally and someone whom you feel understands you.

It's natural with so many conversations with one person to feel attracted and get a feeling that one has found their Mr or Ms Right after all.

one thing people forget though is that relationships are not sustained based on feelings ( although people may disagree to this and I don't mind it as each have their own opinions). Relationships are sustained on facts ... A feeling could be that he/she sounds like a nice, bubbly and humorous character until you find the fact that they are actually opposite if what you felt which actually is a fact.. You may realize these facts immediately when you meet your blind date (which probably is still not too bad after all) or you may realize it after getting married to them ( this could be disastrous or not very disastrous depending on how adjustable your nature is and how much your acceptance level is)

To think that everyone on EP is here for dating and getting into relationships is not a completely wrong feeling ... but it may not necessarily be a fact..

So enjoy your feelings but do check the facts too..
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I'm not here to date. I have found I actually gravitate to personalities that I connect with. Both men and women young and old. Oddly without bias of looks. Interesting enough I think as as single woman I am more apt to carry on a conversation easier and quicker with a man here vs. where looks matter.

yes I agree with you. is specifically meant for dating and it's only natural for most people not to pick their choices from that site. It's like you shopping for a Louis Vuitton bag in an authorized store but you don't find the design that you like but you end up finding a bag similar to it in a store which actually sells shoes and not bags..

coz when you visit a place that actually has something you want or desire, you go with much higher expectations and hence naturally you reject what's in front of you even if you like it thinking that you can get much better somewhere else but when you visit a place which doesn't offer what you desire or want but it eventually surfaces in front of you, your urge to want that thing increases and you end up having something you liked at that point but as reality or facts surface, somewhere down inside the heart you still crave for that one thing which you desired and are unhappy that you still don't have it of maybe you did not find it & hence had to settle for something else..

Eventually you are left unhappy all the way whether you get it or whether you don't ...