I may not be here to flirt or date but the truth is I'm 14 and have never dated and now i have a romantic interest. The story is i like her and i found out she likes me but for some odd reason i cant bring myself to ask her out. It's like there's a feeling inside of me that wont let me. Is it that I'm nervous or what do u think this is, and if u have any advice I'm open to ideas. Thx
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Just be her friend. I have found the BEST boyfriends start out as a girl's friend first.

For now, that's all I can do, and all I do

Write her a letter about how you feel

Thx for the idea but I remember her saying that If a guy asks her she want them to ask her to her face. Besides. She's dating someone else, I was to late so. Thx for the help but know I just need to wait

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