Just Not Me

i think i am in multiple groups that more or less say this.  i'm not a flirt offline or online.  just not the way i roll.  i've got a guy that i have been with for years and plan to be with for many more years and i'm happy with that.  that's not me trying to convince myself, it's the truth.  i don't need the extracurricular on the side.  he's more than enough for me.  and it is more than enough to deal with people who want to flirt or more.  being friendly or being someone's friend is one thing but the flirting i can do without.  if anyone who flirts with me could see me in person they would know by the look on my face or probably by the 'oh no you didn't' tone in my voice that i don't play that game.  i am all for being friendly, being kind, joking around,... but please do not be disrespectful and assume that i am here to be a play thing or boy toy. 

merisszzilla merisszzilla
36-40, F
Feb 15, 2009