Hi My Name Is Jimmy And I Am A Flirt Addict ...

Okay so I've gotten a little carried away.  To those friends whom I have confused (and who have confused me) I apologize.  Its just too much fun.  Its not really what I'm here for or what I'm primarily about.  In my defense, my friends know that I'm a vulnerable, lonely, sexy man going through divorce, so they just can't help taking advantage of me.  

The real Jimmy is a gentleman and I will try to behave myself.  :)

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25 Responses Feb 10, 2010

Thank you bellas. I take comfort from your reaction, especially since you are such an experrt on passionate kissing. :)

Hmm...Whats wrong with a little flirting...Nothing at all<br />
<br />
Makes reading your comments and stories so much fun ;)

LMAO! :D Yup, that's a very fair reason to keep them on, Jimmy!<br />
Too funny, WG...just too funny... :D

Besides, wildernessgirl gives me an additional reason to keep em on. She is a funny woman, but sometimes scares me. :)

You're not. We know that. :)

Ok Sylph, I will keep my pants on. I don't want to be one of THOSE kinds of EP members.

What are you so worried about, Jimmy? Are they complaining? Leave them be and have fun.<br />
<br />
Whether you're flirting or not, and chances are you were LOL, just please, please...don't stand naked. Your avatar might change and the guitar may not cover you well.<br />
<br />
Just sayin'...

Thanks you destry. That is very kind. :)<br />
<br />
Hey do you really mean lol? thanks a lot!

Aggh! WG, if I was flirting before at least it was gentle. That's what I promised.<br />
<br />
Now what you are doing too rough for me. Can you take it to the S&M EP group? The same people who are into pimple popping, doggy love, and other bizarre things as part of their love practices.

First thought? Grab 'it' and run! That'd fix him. ;)

Does it seem that I am flirting, WG? I think they took the naked comment wrong. How did you take it?

Now hang on a moment here young Jimmy. You can't profess that you are going to start behaving yourself, lured all these beautiful, innocent (-minus WB) chicks here then flirt with them! Have you no shame!

LOL...please don't stand naked! Please... ;)

Sometimes you just have to lay yourself bare jimmy ... just live and breathe!

Thank you Sylph for your comment. Defensive? I like to think I have thrown down my defenses and stand naked and unarmed ... nothing left to be defensive with. :)

Thank you fungirl. (raise eyebrows)

I think you are adorable Jimmy. Jut don't get too attached and get hurt or hurt someone else. ((hugs and a wink))

Thank you afd. I see you have your guns drawn again. You must be planning a bank robbery or something.

Thanks dreamvoyeur. I agree with you. What the hell? Where is this pool you speak of?

Uh-huh..."gentle" flirting...heard that before...uh-huh... ;)<br />
<br />
I think you are just being defensive...don't let it show too much...<br />
Besides, who's complaining??!!! ;)

Thank you Spring. I like the suggestion for "gentle" flirting. That sounds so much better than moderation. I'll promise to be gentle. :)

Yes, Omniel. The women of EP are quite awesome. I'm tempted to suggest a magazine edition, but here I go again ...

Yes, I think a little flirting is healthy also. Sort of like a glass of wine per day is good for your heart. And they say sex is healthy too. All good things in moderation ... Damn, I really don't like the word moderation.

I'm sure you are a gentleman Jimmy ... I believe you ... a little flirting doesn't do any harm anyway ... it's good for the soul!!

Its a goal ... not a solemn promise. :)