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 A man on here decided I was the love of his life and would message me constantly. His wife got into it and it was a big deal. I did not want anything to do with a married man. He had said he was single. 

I don't mind talking to older men if I know they're intentions are pure. I believe some of the best relationship I have on here are with older, wiser men that genuinely are looking out for my best interest. 

HOWEVER, if you are looking to start up a romance with me and you are in a relationship/married, BUG OFF! 

InsanelyMe08 InsanelyMe08 18-21, F 6 Responses Oct 8, 2009

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I get men who know im married and still message me perverted stuff and that gets annoying.I hear you when people have wrong intentions,

That's telling him!

I sure wish someone would explain to this old woman, HOW anyone can possibly FALL IN LOVE, with someone online!!!? I have never ever, understood this concept at all. Do you mean to tell me, that people really really do this? WoW am I old or what, nah I think I am lacking imagination or something to that effect....

They don't deserve you!

Way to go Libby.

Thank you love haha

So many crazy people here on EP. I'm glad you survived that.