Cheater Cheater !

I practically hate people who are married and cheating on there wife or husband i believe it pretty much pointless for someone to be doing that.The only thing that they are doing is hurting that person that actually decided to spend the rest of there life with that other person and tht is a huge commitment i believe. My experience my father left my mother for another woman it was awful. Ive had men tell me that they are single and not married and when there wife starts talking crap to you makes it worse because you have no clue why are they telling you things but there was this one time that happen to me and i became good friends with his wife like they say u live and u learn from tht. sorry if it doesnt make much sence but i wanted to make it short.

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My husband cheated on me.The girl new about me and our 2 kids.She new he was married and she didn't care.Also for some split moment my husband made a huge mistake and I geuss in some sense he didn't care until the mistake was already made.He never told her he wasn't married.I have talked to her and she was never remorseful,my husband is very remorseful.Our relationship is still on the fence right know but just wanted to say even if a married person is honest with someone,they will still take a married person to bed.The sanctity of marriage has been thrown out the window.She told me on the phone that she didn't care that he was married.Ya me.Just thoughtid post something.Sorry.

I am so sorry, woman like that have no heart! They are only selfish. My father cheated on my mother and I was heartbroken by it and I have been cheated on as well. I am not married, but I see marriage as a big commitment I don't see it as a joke. I believe in karma and I wouldn't want something like that to happen to me.

if your not happy then u either get a divorce or try to work things out with ur partner, but its better not to hurt ur partner because i dont think u will like to get hurt either.