My Love Is Abundant

I am full of Love and more than willing to share it freely with anyone who asks and many that don't. For some that might just be a simple hug when they are down or nice comment intended to illicit a smile. For my friends and loved ones that means you get my all. Whatever you need, whatever I can do. I never expect anything back because my Love is free and abundant. I dont care if you are man, woman, or somewhere in between (like me). We are all people first and foremost and Love can always brighten the darkest days.

If you want or need more of my Love than give me some of yours free of charge and I will happily give you twice back. My Goddess always keeps me fully charged so fear not I will not run out if you are down and need 10 fold back.

But do not get greedy and try to claim it for your own, can it, take it from me, abuse it, take it for granted, use it against me, extend it to my body, or try to limit my Love in anyway for my Love will disappear just as quickly as it came. You can only receive my Love direct from the source when it freely given.

So remember with me Love is profitable. There is always a smile at the end of the transaction especially for me. And smiles are contagious they bring about more smiles and more smiles means more Love and positive energy. Together let's light the world's darkness with our Love.
Aiyana77 Aiyana77
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11 Responses Nov 21, 2012

hi ! a good hug and a smile go a long way ! :-) HUG to you ! thanks for sharing ! :-)

I, certainly feel more loved, by simply reading this...! :-D

Thank you for sharing.We certainly need genuinely loving people on EP,as a lot of people who belong to EP have little love in their lives and find emotional support there.

I amvery fortunate for all my friends on EP especially the ones I am very close to. I am trying to get close to alot more of them. The wisdom and love from them is amazing to help guide me on my journey in life. Their support is esential to my transition to womanhood. I welcome your love and try to give back more than I recieve like you. love Jade.

It certainly seems to help make life better doesn't it. : )

Wow that sounds just like me as I too am like that and sometimes to loving to the point were I have been walked on but it seems no matter what I always continue to love and to be the best I can be.

Sometimes Love makes it hard to see what is going on. You just have to know your limits on when to stop and stick to it. If the girl from your story is worth it then she will earn your love back properly. But I still think you would be able to find much better.

I agree with you there and yes there is plenty of fish in the sea who would love to be with a sweet caring guy like me

Love you too......:)

If only the world was full of people like you :)

Honey wow I agree unconditionaly. Love is wonderful on all levels and you have my love always. With love from Pink

Thank you and you certainly have mine.

you are awesome, Aiyana :D

No more than yourself Chica. *hugs*

aww *hugs*

My friend Love can only be given not taken. If it isn't freely given it isn't love. Love can be received and returned but only freely. Smiles and hugs Laura

Agreed completely. : )

Ain't love grand!!!

That's lovely! Yes, "let's light the world's darkness with out Love."

I once read that smile is an acronym for "Sending My Infinite Love Everywhere".

Thank you! :-)

That is a great acronym. I will have to remember that one. : )