No Need....

I don't feel the need to be high maintenance. I see all these women around me wearing like 3 pounds of make up and I don't see the need or the appeal of it. My idea is this, why wear make up and hide your natural beauty?? Let's say a woman wears all this make up and meets a man that is attracted to her because of this. When she takes it all off, he will not look at her the same because she will not look the same. Our natural human features should not be covered up. One should be proud of what they are and who they are and how they look. A little mascara to enhance some short eyelashes or something to enhance but not over bearing is one thing but to completely change your appearance is something I cannot even fathom.

I don't wear make up and I don't wear breast enhancers or anything to make myself look like someone I am not. I don't feel the need. I am happy just being me. I am not one of those girls who need high heels or 3 lbs of make up. Every so often I will dress up, but it is definantly not an everyday thing.. I am not high maintenance by a long shot...
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1 Response Sep 11, 2010

Yay!!!! Someone like me! I am fourteen and in high school and is one of the few that wear no makeup. I think it makes you look fake, and I believe that really everyone is beautiful, so why hide it underneath makeup? Not only that, but it's time consuming, and expensive.