I Don't Think I Am

I like to think I'm not high Maintenance... OK, sure, I'm a woman, I like to look good, I like to make sure my hair is clean and styled daily, I wear make-up, but not caked on (subtle is the key), I like to think about what am going to wear based on what I am going to be doing, I like to wear perfume and nice lingerie.... I like to be wined and dined, to be spoiled with the occasional bottle of perfume, flowers just because, chocolates (come on, I'm a woman - we like chocolates) but I don't expect any of these things. I don't view it as my right as a woman that I should be showered with gifts, praise oattention constantly and I wont keep you waiting 3 hours while I get ready, infact I'vebeen known to get ready quicker than some of my male friends, especially for a night out!! So, yeah, I like to look after myself but I don't think I'm high maintenance; though perhaps it really should be left up to you to judge....
lostlittlefirefly lostlittlefirefly
41-45, F
1 Response May 20, 2012

tTotally with on that. I think that there is a diffference between being high maintance and taking care of yourself and wanting to be treated as woman. I love the flowers and little details that let me know my man was thinking about me. I try to take care of myself but I must say I sometimes dont like or feel like being stuffed with make up. Lol just one of those days