I Wear My Jeans Until The Funk Is Too Much...

I use to buy "Bullhead" jeans, until "Skinny" jeans came back into style, and I'll be damned if damage my sac just to look cool. Anyway I like to wear my jeans for weeks before I wash them, because I love how they feel on me.
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Ah right, well I feel educated today! I can see your dilema with the skinny jeans what a pain. The craze will probably pass like most crazes do.

It's already fading away, and I can't wait for some of these guys to look back on pictures 10yrs from now. Somebody gonna be embarrassed.

Lol I know and some people really squeeze themselves in to them. I'm a bootcut and flare fan myself but then I am quite an old lady :0)

Boot Cut is where it's at.

41 to 45yrs old is better then being a teenager. In that age bracket, T.V. and other forms of media pretty much leave you alone, and that's got to feel liberating not to having everything shoved in your face.

Very true Cris I do enjoy that

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What are bullhead jeans?

The is a chain of stores called "Pac Sun" short for Pacific sunwear. When I got into skateboarding 12yrs ago or so, I chose these as my jeans of choice because their tough in all the right places, and they can take a beating before the fade or rip. Plus when they first started selling them, they deal was 2 pair for $45, and at the time most of the jeans I would buy were about $35 to $40 for 1 pair.

They now sell them for $60 for 2 pair, but it doesn't matter anymore, because of the "Skinny" jean craze. I mean I'm 6'3 and 235lbs, what the F@ck am I gonna do with a pair of skinny jeans?