You Make Me Feel Like a Na-tu-ral Woman!!

I love not wearing that much make-up. I'll admit...I wear the basics. But I don't spend hours getting ready. I wash my hair, and it air dries. I don't use product, because I just don't see the appeal to crunchy hair. I also wear comfortable clothes. I don't feel the need to wear tight clothes and shoes that hurt, and I also don't feel the need to wear so much make-up that I look like an overdressed transvestite. No offense to any transvestites that might be reading this. Ladies, you know what I'm sayin'..

justagirl1 justagirl1
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2 Responses Jun 30, 2008

Here's the thing, some transvestites/drag queens look better than some women! Some of them wear so much make-up that it's obvious that they are trying too hard. The same goes for women. The more make-up I see caked on a womans face, the more I ask myself...why in the hell does she need that much make-up? I just think it looks kind of cheap.

"look like an overdressed transvestite" - but i think they like to look that way....