Wot U C Is Wot U Get Wiv Me

I tried the ole make up thing back in the 80's and was a complete pain in butt. Takes ages, rubs off on clothes, have to re do, costs a fortune, makes a mess, clogs the pores, makes spots.... do i need to go on?  I am 43 now, look 10 years younger than i am and i think it is down to the no make up sindrome as to why this is. I wear lippy to keep my lips moist, especially in the cold. I get my eye lashes tinted every 5-6 weeks and I dye my hair every 6 weeks. As to the rest, I can't be asked with it. I decide to go out and go to loo, grab my coat and off i go, no messing for the next hour in a mirror. I hate sun cream too, makes me feel i want to get back in the shower, sun comes out, i go in the shade...lol

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1 Response Feb 24, 2009

Not if u go 2 the local beauty college and help some1 get there degree. Being a model for a college costs very little and helps students learn there future line of employment. Even your local salon would have at least 1 model day/night. Practical learning is the best way to learn. I was a student in hairdressing myself so i know how hard it is to get models to get the degree. Try it, and u might just see the benifits and low cost result with the satisfaction of helping a student.