I can't stand how everyone associates Christianity with Homophobia. I have nothing against gays (srry if that word is offensive)!!!!!!!! Yes, I know the whole thing in the bible where it says homosexuals will not inherit the kingdom of god, but it says to love your neighbors and not to judge others aswell. It's so hurtful when I see people bashing Christians. You can have an opinion, but to be rude is different. I believe you can have whatever lifestyle you want. I'll admit that I'm even a little bi curious. AND THATS OKAY!!!!!! I know that it is a sin to choose that lifestyle, but I believe you love who feels right to you!!!! Maybe not all churches are right, ya I get it. But most of them aren't bad either. And if I am truly turn out to be gay, then I won't have any thing against Christians. Cuz, that's their beliefs and I respect that.
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You are a selective Christian.. You want the title in case there is a heaven but you don't agree with all thier beliefs. I'm looking at your age and I think you still have time to figure it out but by the looks of it you're becoming are a free thinker.


No, I'm not a selective Christian. I absolutely know there is a heaven. Raised all my life going to church every Sunday. And we follow the bible down to the bone. I know my fate if I were to become a homosexual and I accept that. I go to a church of Christ. Not baptist, Methodist, Lutheran, Catholic, or anything like that because they are denominational. Made by humans who change the meaning of gods word. I am simply Christian. I know what's right and wrong. But it's okay to have an opinion :)

I hope to see you on here down the line... I can smell a free thinker from miles away, you just don't know it yet ;)

Happy you aren't letting them turn you into a homophobic person. No matter what body parts we have, love comes from the same place on all of us.

Thank you :)

I used to go to a Church of Christ before I was atheist :) I felt the same way you do. I knew the bible said homosexuality is a sin, but I saw it the same as lying is a sin. You don't treat someone like crap if you know they lied or cussed or even if they had straight sex before marriage. Why would gays get treated any different? Although my preacher went on rants about how America is falling apart because we accept homosexuals, I never saw it as something we should actively try to prevent. Homosexuals are people just like anyone else.

I think the same exact thing :) I'm not perfect, I curse and I can't promise that I will wait till marriage. I believe in complete equality, whether sexual preference, race, gender, and everything else. I just have a hard time as thinking these things to be as important as to judge someone based upon it :)

Plus, I think a lot of people don't understand what "judging" is when they say only god can judge them. Biblically speaking, that just means no body but god knows the final destination for a soul. It doesn't mean you can't say whether someone is acting sinfully or whether something they do is a sin. The bible actually says to judge one another with a righteous judgement. You're supposed to try to correct other Christians when they are doing something that puts their soul in danger. That doesn't mean you are judging them.

That's a very good point. I should probably think about this more I have definitely been using this term without much thought :)

Some ppl feel threatened cos they try to hide there true feelings. My mum and step dad are catholic n go church have done there whole life's. As have others both family and friends. They don't look down on or judge gays. My mum is wot ya could call bi sexual

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