I Realized That I Was In a Debate With a Fifteen Year Old...

I was on the net - playing an online game (yeah sad I know) and generally having a ball, when I noticed that there was some bloke always commenting on how 'gay' something was, like oh that guy sucks - he must be gay. I jokingly mused - "Insecure about your sexuality much?" and his awe inspiringly universe shattering retort was 'No I'm straight unlike you'. 

I should have known by this stage that this guy was a complete retard, but for some reason I pressed on. (I know, the old saying comes to mind - Internet Debates are kind of like the special olympics; win or lose, you're still retarded.) 

I said to him - what difference would it make if I was gay? If he is gay, theres no reason to be so insecure about it, there are hormone therapies you can undergo if you REALLY REALLY can't cope with the idea of being gay. 

He didn't really have anything to say to that except "Are you gay?" 

I said - no, but people very important to me are. 

He said "Your dad?" and would later try to insult me by implying that I had 'two dads'. 

The argument ended up with me realizing that I was arguing with a fifteen year old - the mindset said it all. Its when you are young that you don't understand. I wish the education system did more to remove the stigma, but half the old ***** teaching are afraid of 'queers' themselves, as though these aren't more often the better class of people in the world. 

And for those of you curious, my step-brother is the one who is gay - and he currently lives in London. I really want to go and see him one day, he's taken his boyfriend's name - which I can't blame him, his father is a prehistoric Christian.

Seriously though - Christians judge others by their Christiandom, as though this is a judge of character. Christians in reality are often the scum of the Earth - they created hate and are the narrow-minded 'box-people' who scare their children into strict obedience with threats of hell, and try force their narrow beliefs on others - quoting from a dusty old collection of stoner-scrolls that were selected half at random from a massive stockpile of the things. Thats right Christians - your Bible was selected by the Church from a larger pile of the Dead-sea scrolls. Some of the scrolls depicted weird rituals and other nonsense, which the church deemed inappropriate to include in the compliation of God's holy message. Ironic eh? 

I can understand cultural hates - because being raised under a certain perspective makes it incredibly difficult to understand those of other cultures. I can understand Religious hates - people who form some almighty illusion as to why they are important and should continue to waste resources living...so they can damn those around them and feel better about themselves...but I cannot understand those who just hate Gays simply because they are gay - that have no reasoning for it? I ******* hate it! There is no need for this aimless discrimination with no thought. Its almost a prescribed belief that 'we must hate gays because we just have to' for some people. The world is a downright ugly place, filled with large crops of stupidity and ignorance. 

Maul Maul
18-21, M
1 Response Mar 7, 2009

Stop saying "retard" like that. It is disrespectful.