West Hollywood

I was living in Santa Monica and worked as a salesman for a housewares company and did a fair amount of travel for the job.  But one of my in house accounts was a single owner discount house in West Hollywood.  Thnik of a mini Wal Mart.  They sold appliances and other items for the house and kitchen.  The place was owned by a jewish business man, but because of his location in West Hollywood, his whole staff was gay.  My hobby during this period was being a YMCA fitness instructor and as I was fond of saying, some members of the opposite sex would occasionally find me attractive.  Well when I went into this store, some members of the same sex would find me attractive.  One of my key buyers there, just loved to tease me.  He would tell me all about his latest adventures at some "glory hole"  He and a couple of his buddies always let me know that if I ever wanted to play on their side of the street they wanted to be involved.  It was a nice compliment, but I never took them up on it.

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Yea I probably would have had a good time, they were a great bunch of guys

pity. you'd have made them happy as big pigs in the deep mud and you'd prolly have had a pretty good time as well.