I'm Proud

I am proud of not being pure human because some humans are bad. like the humans who abuse, murder, and more. I'm not saying all humans are bad, just there are not as much people with a good soul anymore.
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I wasn't even the one who wrote this. One of my old friends had a while ago.

I know what you mean.

Then what are you if not human

Hmm most likely wolf, I'm not sure but she might be. I'm a wolf

Ah I see, well at least thats logical


Hmmm indeed, hmmm indeed

Um ok then. At least you aren't fighting with us. Most people do, it's fun to get them all p*ssed off

Very, but I wont fight alot of people would call me crazy if I told everyone about being a vampire so good luck with that wolf stuff sorry I cant help

You know there are groups for vamps on here right, there's also a lot of vamps you cn be friends with

I have real vamp friends, and I dont really like many people, im very selective

Yeah, I know a lot of vamps. They all hate me.

Well I dont hate you, I barely know you

Yeah, I wouldn't b surprised if you ended up hateing me, I haven't met a vamp that hasn't ended up hateing me

Well that depends on one thing: are you straight edge? Also what are you

I'm a wolf, female alpha of river stone pack, and depends wat do you mean by straight edge

No smoking drinking or doing drugs

If you mean like never in life then no, Iv done some drugs and I have gotten drunk a couple of times, but I'm not addicted to anything

Uhg is there anyway I can try to stop you from doing that ever again........ever?

Prob not, I'm a very stubborn person, but as I said Iv only done it a few times

Yes I know but its never good to do this stuff its liquid posin mabey worse, it would suck if yet another kid my ageish died from an overdose

Dude it's fine, I'm not stupid. I stay away frm the addicting **** and the stuff that can kill you.

Really its all addictin I can see why people hate you, but I dont and wont stop trying

Hey I'm a ***** and I admit it, it's wat makes me, me. It's jst that wat Iv observed is that(no offense) vamps want there way, but wolves are the same way. That's why we dnt get along sometimes. Wolves are prideful people and so are vamps that's why we dnt give up on wat we believe

Hmmmm you have a point there, but still I find it all vile, but hey if you want to kill yourself have fun, im just an online friend, nothing more, but I still care if you need to talk

Ok, but still as I said Iv only done it a couple of times, ur acting like I'm addicted to every drug out there

Sorry I just try to help, just be advised a couple of times can quickly turn you into an addict like that ald leave you wondering: "what the **** happened to my life, but as long as you know at least a general idea of what you wish your future to be, you have an idea right?

Yes, and as I also said I'm not stupid I'm not about to screw my life up. I jst got a mate and I have a good pack going you'd have to be a complete idiot to **** that up.

Yeah you would so im confused so please enlighten me on what is a "pack"

A pack is a family of wolves jst like real wolves. We all have a part in the pack and a certain role to play. Like take me fr example I'm the female alpha so I'm the leader of the pack, which means I make sure the pack is safe and has food and everything that is necessary

I still dont get it, but I dont like to rely on people anymore than I like people in the first place, I,will just stick with preppers...

I wouldn't expect you to get it, fr wolves it jst comes naturally. I mean vamps like to be alone more then wolves, but it's a wolves instinct to find a pack, a mate, and keep the pack going

soo your a vampire??? you and i both are but i am a different type of vampire........yes its possible.....most humans call us debraschians......a type of....i hate to say....alien name simply because of an "ability" that we have.....its sort of like a transformation but the ability is what gives the humans our name.....because the ability turns us into something that looks alien......its very painful and bloody.......i'd be willing to tell the two of you how my ability works.....but that choice is up to you.....and lilwolf.....how big exactly is your pack......i'm assuming its very big in member numbers? don't answer if you don't want to...

Yeah lilwolf, thats the main reason I dont party, or go out to the mall and such because I quite literaly hate 75% of the population, however you are in the othe 25%

Hmmm that's a surprise most people hate me

Nah I only hate those whos trust I lose

Well you cn trust me, but I'm a smartass and a *****

Cool so what are the signs thay one is a wolf?

Well really you'll know you're a wolf, but you have dreams of a wolf, anger probs and you feel like you're a wolf

Ah ok danke, I shall tell her that

Hehe thnx morph :p

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