Not The End But The Beginning

Once you were there... always.
I'd call and you'd just listen.
I'd ask and you'd come
no matter how far
or what country you were in
You were always there.

You were always there
and soon you needed me
more the you ever thought you did.
when you hit rock bottom
when you had no escape
when your world turned upside down
The moment you discovered
discovered what I am

You were my world
My best friend
My lover
My counselor
You were always there

As the years moved on
Things became to difficult
to keep you safe
to keep our boys safme

They came for them
and I was almost to late
I had to hurt you
Hurt you to take them and run
Told you not to follow me
where have you gone?
You were always there.

You summoned me today
They turned you against me
In fear you backed away
You looked at me
Looked at me like one of them

We once told me
made a promise to each other
a union for better or worse
to never change who we are
To love each other
no matter what
Cards were delt to us
you promised you
would be by my side
would never push me away

why have you turned from me
I don't understand is it something
They told you or is it what you see
What you see is not who I am
This form, my form
is not what I've become
But I fear without you
It soon will be
Without hope and love
Without you my love

It pained me to let you
See me in this form
This beast that I can no longer contain
I fear it will consume
all of me that you once loved
and snuff out what is
Left of this world

It will happen
there's no controlling it
No way to stop it
when.... when
I'm lost within this beast
I pray When I'm forced to
Bring about the end
that it will be not the end
but the beginning
yes the beginning
The beginning for your soul
That it will bring you peace

I will leave you now
praying that you'll understand
understand what I must do
for you for many that have
Been waiting, waiting for their

jaarret23 jaarret23
26-30, F
May 14, 2012