I Am Something... Different.

I've never felt human in my life. When I was two I told people I was from Mars. My mom finally told me that I don't need to be telling lies, people wouldn't like it. I had "imaginary" friends that I would talk to. When I knew things I shouldn't know and my mom asked me how I knew, I would tell her that my friends told me. I still see and talk to spirits.
In my adolescent and teen years I never really had any friends. They chased things that were so... senseless and useless. They would make themselves look like fools just to amuse others, to be liked. They would waste hours at the gym or starve themselves to be attractive to the opposite sex and to get it. Which is another mystery to me; sex. Why have a couple of hours of pleasure in exchange for a lifetime of regrets, disease, etc.? They would spend hours a day out on a field, running around. I'd rather spend my time with my nose in a book, learning, researching, discovering.
I have dreams about events that happened before I was born. When I told them to my mom she explained them away, saying "you must have heard stories about it." Until I would describe details, miniscule things that wouldn't be told in a story about it. I also have dreams about things that come to pass in a few weeks, things that affect my life. I have bad feelings before major catastrophes occur. I can tell what people are feeling, I get a glimpse into their minds and hear words, get quick flashes of images, memories that aren't mine.
The worst one is my brain. It works faster than I can think, making connections for me, before I see them. It's kind of like it does all the work, makes connections then I go backwards to see how the connections were made. I seem to be connected to weather. Not really that I affect it, but just the opposite; it really affects me. I can tell when it's going to rain, when it's going to be bad, etc. I have a strong connection to animals, plants, nature in general. After it rains and everything is clean, I feel clean, relaxed, renewed.
My mind runs a millions miles a second, seeing disasters, thinking about them. It's almost as if I can see everything. It makes me jealous; humans don't do that. They live their lives in ignorant bliss, but I can't. The question humans try to figure out is "who am I?" It's simple for them, they are human but they don't know who they are as a person. My question, however, that's been bugging me for as long as I can remember is more difficult; "what am I?"
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I am like that. I know I am not human, but I don't know what I am. My mom can do one thing that you can do though. See psychic dreams. That is what I call them anyone. Seeing the future in your dreams.

Hi Magik420 if your genuine i'd be interested in sharing some information with you. Interestingly it sounds like a similar process i'm familiar with, and it can make you feel so isolated and alone knowing your the one they left behind here. But don't worry, because if you are what i suspect you to be, you have a job to get done here and your not alone.

Unlike you however I was aware from the beginning of the process and whilst developing further I've been receiving some extra help and guidance. Its important at the early stages to forget, this feature makes it easier for you to convincingly replace the target and be received naturally by a family here. Having one of these makes it easier to blend in. As you began developing later on in the process, your 'programming' i guess you could call it is then designed to make you seek out the others here. But its now very important you don't, because - first reason is something is changing now and to expose yourself at this stage might be dangerous for you, so avoid acting suspicious i.e. websites like this one. You will know what your job here is when the time comes, because it will be very obvious. But for now, avoid suspicious behaviour and continue to integrate with their systems.

I know the feeling.