Making Powers Stronger

If you have a power you'd like to make stronger, I have a solution that's working for me, and I think it might work for someone else too.

I never thought much of meditation, but the other night I figured I'd try it. The ability I'd like to make stronger for me is being clairvoyant with rain (only rain), and eventually see if I could summon it.

How to do this (or how I did it) is sit in a dark room (sound doesn't matter too much--you can tune it out if you concentrate on yourself. I had my radio playing during this). Sit with your legs crossed, and your arms resting on your knees in whatever position feels comfortable. Find where your power is in you and visualize (as vividly as possible) you going into that place. It might take a few minutes.

I'm not sure how to word this next part, but basically let your power show itself to you. Let it engulf you.

How this worked for me is that I visualized myself under a raincloud. It wasn't raining yet, but it was the perfect environment. It took a little to get up there, but it was both by my visualization and something else in me pulling me up. I felt like I was inside the rain cloud. I couldn't feel the bed underneath me, but I knew it was still there. My body was there but my spirit was somewhere else. I wasn't concentrating on the right thing at the time to make much progress, but by the way I felt, I knew it could help if I kept doing it.

Basically, go into the heart of your power. Mine is rain, so go to where the rain starts--in the rain cloud. Find where it starts, and work with it.

Something in me told me not to just open my eyes, like it would harm me. So I brought myself back down from the cloud before opening my eyes. Out of the cloud, onto the ground, out of my ability's area in me. Then, when I was completely back in my actual surroundings, it was safe to open my eyes.

If this doesn't work for you, I'm sorry. I think it might work for some powers though. Maybe all, if you can figure out how to make it work for you.
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1 Response Jan 13, 2013

Not sure how I feel about using the term "power", but it's amazing what one can do with a little visualization and intention no? :} You can also project yourself into clouds with the intention to break them apart and they will - unless it is for the best for it to keep its shape. Sometimes things like that won't work because they are more important in their current state/form.

I first learned about such things when practicing Wicca. Witches have practiced summoning the elements for ages, rain among them. One time I was able to stop the rain and break up the clouds for about 30 min when we were trying to make it home to safety in our car. I think it's probably good to do such things in moderation for practice, then only when really needed later. That's just my opinion though, doesn't seem like it would be good to tamper with nature too much too often for selfish reasons (even though it's fun! :}-< )