Can someone please help me figure out what I am just comment down below if you have any ideas. I' 13 years old and a girl

1) My bones hurt and when i mediate they start popping into something, but I freak out and stop.

2) I'm really hairy

3) My body tempature is always super hot or super cold no matter what

4) I have a bunch of black patches in the white of my eyes

5) I'm the smartest kid in my grade

6) I'm very hyper, but extra hyper at night

7) People who I have just meet will tell me all their deepest secrets

8) I'm empathetic

9) My eyes have discomfort in the sun

10) My vision is getting better every day

11) I'm starting to growl when angry

12) I like the taste of blood

13) My hearing and sense of smell is great

14) I can spend all day in water

15) Small animals are scared of me

16) I have a dark ring around my iris

17) I have visions of the future in my dreams

18) I keep accidently referring to my room as a cage (What is up with that?)

19) I have fangs on top, but none on bottom

20) I love the moon

21) I was born in the year of the snake

22) My dad disappeared from my life at a young age

23) When I was a baby I had a hole in my heart and they were going to operate, but then it closed all the way up. The doctor said it was a miracle

24) If I am asleep and someone walks into my room I can sense their presence and I will wake up

25) I am tall with small pointed ears

26) My favorite animal is the panther

Please help me figure it out. Thanks!
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I know what you are but you need to message me there are things that others can't know

pm me i think i no what u r but cant tell u here

Many of these things do point that you are a wolf however I also noticed something, you said your favorite animal is a panther and that your teeth are sharp at the top but not the bottom. There are some wolves that only have sharp top teeth and some that only have sharp bottoms however most I know have both. I'm wondering if maybe you're actually some sort of cat shifter (or well Panther).

However sticking to the point most of these things would indicate wolf or some type of shifter however I would also think demon as well.

Some of these things do almost sound vampiric however I am very very doubtful of this. Wolf and vampire blood do not mix, that is why in almost every case a hybrid will die. I suppose it could be possible to be a wolf with some vampiric ancestry however I would still doubt it because since wolf and vampire blood doesn't mix they very rarely are attracted to one another.

So if I had to guess I'd say either Wolf and demon, or some sort of Panther shifter and vampire.

If you figure out what you are or just have any questions or just want to talk feel free to message me. If you are a wolf I am as well and will gladly talk to you about it. If you are part demon I am the reincarnation of a demon and can talk about that. If you are a panther or a vampire my big brother (not biological) is both and I can probably still talk to you about it because of that.

Hope this helped

a while ago after thinking it over i kept saying wolf, but something in my head was telling me it wasn't a wolf, so I did some research and I realized I have a connection to cats. Is there anything about cat shifters you can tell me I realized that there is not alot of information on them.

Well I know what a cat shifter can change into is widely varied. Some can turn into multiple or any type of cat. Some can only change into one specific kind of cat either domestic or wild. I believe there are some kinds of "were cats" of sorts that would be like werewolf/lycans but cat version. One kind of cat shifter is actually a demigod, where a cat god will mate with a human and the result is a cat shifter, this applies to Legacys of cat gods as well. Just like with wolves it would be hereditary through bloodline, but there are ways to turn people as well. They have some similar traits to wolves such as sharp teeth, sometimes hairy, in their case a cat like facial structure and eyes that change to like a cats or of that color. The rib cage is also wider like a wolves and their stomachs tend to sink in, usually they'll be rather lean and thin and may walk in a hunch slightly maybe even unnoticeably. That's all the information I have for right now.

I understand You, You're The Fortune Teller,,,, You can tell The Future And you are A WereWolf you love The Taste of Blood and The Moon and your by you meditating your bones start to pop out meaning your transformation will soon be complete. Meditation helps to Focus and Bring out our Higher selves for Who we Really Are on the inside, It gives us inner strength and in this case your inner strength was coming out You Are The WereWolf. And you are A Vampire with Your Sharp Big FANGS at the top of your mouth symbolizes that you are4444.... Vampires Live The taste of Blood as we'll.... You are Also an Empath A person who can fell another persons emotions and situational happenings as though it were your very own....4444

Vampires Also are hard to Kill so this explains The miracle I Believe they heal faster and differently then Mere Humans Can..........

Thanks for commenting. I hope you are right. I'm really nervous about my first shift.

Any tips

You're completely Welcome,,, I Am Right because I experience The same Things....4444 Don't be nervous but maybe just maybe you are the kind of WereWolf who doesn't shift like I AM ,,,,4444 Well if you transform into A WereWolf you still know and have complete control of what you do, so be careful where you go and don't be seen by anyone or they will tell the Army to come To Hunt you Down.... Well don't Br Scared Acceptance is The Key....4444 Be A Very Good Non Human Like I AM....4444

True, I am well hidden my family doesn't know. Nor dies anyone else really know too. I have Great Power opening.


You understand?

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