I remember... things I probably shouldn't.  In my dreams I have watched worlds take form and die, civilizations grow and fall, and then I wake up from that existence that seems so familiar to this dream...  Like many others, I was born here to human parents.  It seems an inevitable fact.  I remember though very clearly the day everything changed.  I was 5 when I awakened.  When the world of humans as I knew it faltered in my eyes of existence.  For that year I dreamt every night.  Things mortals should never see and probably could never.  I dreamt the future history of my current life as well.  I remember still many things...not all or even most.  I didn't realize the significance back then.  I have never considered myself human.  Many times I call myself a dragon and while part of me knows that was a form I once possessed I know it is not truly accurate.  I am divine in origin and I am chaos in origin.  This I know as fact.  This mortal form has and still seems so fake, foreign and flawed. I feel power that flows through my form, immeasurable in quantity but the restrictions of this mortal shell prevent me from touching it.  I know of the future of this world, of whats to come.  I know of the time when I shall part from this place and because of this I know I am not human.  I still know not what to truly call myself.  I've been called by others who have seen through this mortal shell I bear, Dragon, Avatar, Elite...  There are some I have spoken to who know me for who I am truly and have confirmed many a times what I know but they still do not know what I am.  Maybe one day I'll know, one day soon.

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were you blue? and had wings that could invert to fly upside down

I feel you, I'm anti-social because every human I extend my hand to condemns me. I've always been known as different, crazy, etc. People can't understand what they don't know so they try to destroy it. It's a messed up world still don't understand it, but I feel we are all put here together for a reason.

What it must be like to be you, to know what you know, sounds depressing-i'm sorry if it is. I know ur post is old but I still felt the need to respond

ALSO!! No joke, no made up crap, I too saw myself brought to my human body, I feel as if this is a shell. I saw my "spirit" flying in the room tojump into the body I am in now. I had another life... And I try so hard to find my old one. BUT I do feel the same. I wasnt human then I was remarkable (no need to sound conceded) & till this day i feel "off" i feel, like i dont belong here. Because I too have abilities, and it scares me sometimes. But its fascinating.

Ohkay, I know you posted this a few years back... BUT... I understand. Something... brought me to you. I need to speak with you. I'm only 16.. BUT I'm understanding of the world around me, I never judge, I have my own beliefs... I totally agree with you. I used to have "visions" and dreams about aliens. Once, I dreamt I called an alien, thinking he was my dad. Or in my dream, I KNEW he was my dad. Not alien. like little green people. But I dont know how else to describe it... But message me please. (:

You should become a writer...just tone down the anger because I don't want another person trying to shoot John Lennon. (joke joke) Now seriously, when I read your story I was connecting with the fact I had already seen it in my vision, but the fact remains clear to me I'm not really sure if there is a God behind all this madness because people and myself claim to recognize our own powers before we even know each other and it doesn't seem to be a coincidence that ever since it happened to me I have identified more and more people (including strangers in public places) who believe they're psychics and I've never been wrong one time. I would remind you that many people in these various religions (including christians) believe they are experiencing very real spiritual encounters. I'm not really sure what's real...but I secretly will not denounce my gift as it has brought me a sense of purity to the perspective and unidentified power. The question that eludes me is what is the next sequence after confirming we're enlightened...are there simply not enough gathered in one place? are we supposed to communicate to the source of our power, are we suppose to charge our powers as a group...wth, I understand dogma is trash, but there must be something else to do besides confirm we are alike and important individuals. I think maybe the logical answer is what Jesus said to Mary,"the vision comes from the soul, which is between the mind and the spirit." To me this means we are granted certain powers, but we are free to do as we please. Jesus healed people...but he also seemed angst at times from healing people because he wanted to teach something (more important than healing), I'm not really sure if I or anyone should compare themselves with Jesus, or if he simply wanted people to understand the gifts and powers, or if he was ever here at all. I understand where you're going with the ages of existence, but I don't concentrate near that much to go that far back in time and even if I did, there's always the logical psychological answer that we're just expressing how we feel through our personalities and we exist simply as minor fragments of what we call memories. I am undoubtably psychic and spiritual but I keep trying to retain other options. I one time went as far as I could through the astral planes and I felt unsure of what I was seeing...I couldn't tell if I was near the sun or near heaven or hell but it was impressive to say the least. it wasn't a kingdom but it was definitely large enough to amass infinites of people and it was very bright. I'm not the best at understanding everything I experience, but it's hard to be certain about a lot of things.

This mortal form has and still seems so fake. <br />
It is NOT the so called "biological" parents that make you - in contradiction to what most people believe. THERE ARE OTHER THINGS LOL. <br />

I am divine in origin and I am chaos in origin. This I know as fact.

The Oldest One.


Also if you are a christian with nothing to say but trying to force your cult on me go the hell away, I have no desire to even look at your existence.<br />
<br />
If god gives you lemons... deny his existence and build a religion around the lemons. ^.^

Oh hey... I just realized I can delete rude comments ^.^ , and to all who see this I dont delete cause I dont want your opinion I delete because you are a self centered ******* whose statements arent opinions, and are nothing more then rude remarks from the peanut gallery. I welcome contradictory opinions though, I like to see what people think just dont be a **** about it.

Inevitably true, I just hope this world comes to bear before everyone forgets what once was, ages past... Ah to remember times immemorial, there still are plenty of us though, maybe one day we need to set up a gathering for all those who remember and know... Question is how to do it without it becoming another apocalypse cult... yay for hooman stupidity

yeah,there's a reason why the majority of us stay away from otherkin organizations and such. we don't want someone speaking on our behaf. we are individuals.<br />
it's sad to see those two ignoant comments. but expected, so it's also kinda funny. such small beings. neither of them will ever know truth

I hope they know the truth as soon as possible. May not be in this life but it's only a matter of time before we all become aware. I can't wait, should be so much more peaceful.

As a note I hate religion in it's form... religion is based on beliefs and people die for beliefs, I trust in ideas cause they can be changed. Gah...I've been thrown so far off topic thanks to close minded idiots...

It's almost sad to see how close minded this world has become. Especially when dealing with damn cultist christians who believe only they are right. As for WondersBeyondOurGalaxy, here is my current understanding of the end times, and as many have been before I may be wrong now. I believe the beginning of the end started on Aug 8, 2008. By theory and what I know we should have 7 years from that date, but given variations in time I'd say we can expect the end by November, 2028 if I'm right. As far as the lion and lamb thing I doubt it. I'm expecting this existence to be cleansed and not just the world. And to owlafaye, I may tend toward some arrogance but am definately not self obsessed. I have actually known many like me over time but we are never the type to stay together due to the fact that if we are right then that would have alot of negative repercussions. And finally to Sciantel, every psychic I have spoken to says I will be a great preacher. An impossibility as far as I'm concerned when it comes to the christian religion because while I believe it is ONE of the true religions it has lost all of its truth thanks to ppl like you. I seek a much greater truth then that which any religion can grant. And as a note... Jesus Christ was a vessel to carry the sins from man, a mortal flawed incarnation, he is not one to ever be worshipped as he was no different then what I am aware that I am, and what humans could be if they had not forgotten so long ago.

regardless, owlafaye, there are a lot of us around now. enough to form an official religion if we wanted. so maybe you could be a tad more respectful and a lot less childish

That is very interesting, is it true that by 2015 everyone will know that aliens/hybrids and maybe humans exist on the moon? The world's going to end in fire isn't it? Will the future humans be "of one mind" and lions will lay next to lambs? It's pretty interesting to even imagine the worlds being born and dying, anyway.. you you don't need to answer if you don't want to.. um, take care.