Not Human

Humans are irrational, territorial in petty ways, completely lacking in imagination, unable to assimilate new ideas, and only sentient in the very slightest degree.  I can't stand being around the degenerate animals.  I have no friends, no lover, difficult relations with my family, and a hard time holding a job.  And yet I would not be a lousy human for anything.  I am desperately lonely living among alien creatures, but I still have no interest in fitting into the degenerate culture of a degenerate species. 

nonHuman nonHuman
2 Responses Feb 12, 2010

I understand. They are lacking in countless ways, and we have made our lists and re-made them and redefined them and then said **** it....I want to sincerely suggest we find a better solution to the things that vex us than pointing out their flaws or simply destroying them. If you're a demon, you work for a demon, you've worked for any Devils: Then you've directly contributed to why humans have fallen into a hole they can't get out of on their own. What about Gaea, though? She's provided you life. Everything you've needed to keep surviving here. She's offered you a place to stay, even that could become a home. Please, try and start fighting for it.

You forgot one: They long for attention and are always trying to set themselves apart from the crowd.