Feel Trapped

Hi everyone, I'm Gemma I've been married go 8 years nearly. I have a 8 year old daughter and 4 year old twin girls. I haven't got a bad life but feel so bad it's not enough for me I have always loved my man unconditional, we have had many ups and downs that could of broke us and i have always stop us from splitting up and tried hard to make it work. But for about 6 months when we argue or anything there's nothing no crying No feelings at all. And just don't feel nothing for and it makes it worse him being a bit controlling.
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I agree on the fact that people tend to leave instead of working things out too often, but after 8 years, if you feel nothing I say let it go. You dont just want to get through life, you wanna enjoy every single moment and be with someone who makes the most simple das into an adventure. It does exists, don't settle for something that "ok". You deserve to have a "wow" kind of life.

love goes up and down like a cardiac-chart.. there are good years just ok years bad terrible years then back to love years.
talk about it because if YOU Feel it - HE Feels it too.
and lots of fights over seemingly 'little things' will be over This Issue Here.
But will only add to the "see, we fight about everything" "it's gotta be over".

It's my personal opinion .. that as a whole, we tend to give up on each other and much too soon.
If you both are - or can be:
1. Honest about what each other is feeling - going through
2. honest about the role each of you play in it
3. willing to change what is not working -

then i say hang in there.
there's a reason during that happy marriage moment that not-happy things are said, like: "in better AND Worse.. rich AND poor ie: when it's Good and when it's sucky"... You both made a vow.

If there is no physical abuse - if you feel 'safe' with him...
and if he isn't cheating on you and breaking those vows and bringing you home who-knows-what diseases....

You Must Be Honest With HIM and him with YOU.
If there was real love once, it can be again - we fall into traps, thinking we'd be happier over there instead of here - if you don't work on this Now - there won't even be a choice later.
WithOUT Honesty and an effort from the BOTH of you then nothing will change the path to divorce you're on now.
But again... if you loved him once, and he you, and there's honesty and a willingness... stick it out - b/c love comes back around again. That is love in this world - it's never Always Great. If we are Lucky, we get Great moments amid good and bad ones and not too many of the real bad ones.
But don't give up too soon.
and only you know when that is - remember your vows and do what You can do.
I wish you well, and don't ever forget what KEEPS A Family Together:

it isn't love... that's what (hopefully) BROUGHT you together..
But it is Forgiveness that Keeps people together.
peace be with you.