Disappointed In Adult Children=bah Humbug

I suppose I am not in the Christmas spirit this year because my three adult children have all made plans to celebrate without me. This will be the first year I will be alone on Christrmas and it is very depressing. My oldest daughter (27) is going to be with her in-laws and my son (24) with his girlfriend's family, and my youngest daughter (19) is spending her entire school break (31 days) with her boyfriend's family. I thought I could at least count on my youngest daughter to come home for the holidays, but she wants to spend all her free time with her boyfriend of 2 years. I guess here is where I should mention that both the boyfriend and his family have been so rude to me. His mother is delighted with the relationship and is hoping that my daughter marries her son, while I can't stand him. So, you see we are approaching the relationship from two different perspectives, thus the animosity.

I was married for a very long time until 9 years ago when my ex literally walked in the house and said he wanted a divorce, took his clothes, and left. Talk about being blindsided! He rushed the divorce through and was married almost immediately. So, this time of the year is always hard for me because he is so happy with his life and I am still trying to figure out how to make it on my own. I just recently started a new job where I make minimum wage. I have several college degrees but I am experiencing ageism in the workplace and feel lucky to have this job.

It is hard to get excited about the holidays when I have no one to share them with and no extra money to do anything to shake up my boredom. Gee-reading this I sound like poor pitiful me, but my life has changed so radically since the divorce I am not sure if I will ever be able to regain my joie de vie.
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It's a shame that your kids haven't really seemed to consider that being alone during the holidays might be difficult for you. However, why don't you look at this as an opportunity. You have no responsibilities to attend to, and I can guarantee that if you look in the right places, you can have some fun for next to no money. There are tons of meet up groups online, so why don't you go and meet some new interesting people, or catch up on a book or something you may have been putting off, sometimes a little me time can be amazing. Just don't spend your time dwelling on how you've been left alone, and actively look to do things that you enjoy. Merry Christmas X