Idiotic People

So I wanted to meet a decent person. And after going to the bars and meeting losers. I decided to post an ad on craigslist. Well I got a few great responses. Although there was this one...

"Go on wich your cheeseburger depot. I know your pregnant with a bucket of chicken."

To which I replied... "You're an idiot"

he replied with "How so?"

I said "That was unnecessary"

to that he responds with... "Not really from my perspective. I am new in this area and every other ******* post is some fat ***** who is too lazy in their sedentary life style to actually find what they are looking for the good ol fashioned way, Its pathetic. Get a step climber and stfu."

After laughing for a few min I decided to reply with...

" Don't assume. You're assuming that because I am fat. I have a sedentary lifestyle. I will have you know my job requires me to move around on my feet all day. And you assumed I am a *****...I'm actually a pretty nice person.
And if you're pissed that I wont get out and meet someone the good old fashioned way...why are you trolling on craigslist ads? Are you not doing the same?"

He has yet to say anything....I still think he's an idiot who is mad because even the fat chicks wont give him the time of day. sad little man.
Sweet83heart Sweet83heart
26-30, F
Jan 10, 2013