Or Anybodies!!

I started the night in a pretty good mood. And part of me still is there. But I can feel that other part waking up, my hackles rising, my teeth ready to be bared. Or bloodied. I'm not sure why and really am too pissy to think that deeply at the moment. Perhaps I need another leason from Arorin. *shrugs* Or a knife. Or sleep. Blessed sleep. How you have eluded me as of late.

I'm tired. Tired of dealing with things falling apart. Bills overdue. **** needing to be fixed. ME needing to be fixed.

So....I'm on day 2 now. Again. What pushed me last time? Hell if I know. I just don't know.....

luckypickle luckypickle
15 Responses Aug 3, 2010


*smacks **** Shut that mouth.

Me likes!

Hmm,a dominant woman.Me likes.

*grins* I know.

Explains your dominance.




*giggles* But of course darling.

You are in the mood for mine!

That sounds like a great plan DC.

Hey... in these feelings--- you are most definitely not alone. Scoot over, sits down next to pickle and shares a bottle of vodka!

*hugs* I know you'll get through this with friends like LMN and others like her.

I love you guys.

*runs to LP and cuddles her close * take comfort from the people that love you

You're welcome sweetheart.. I know the feeling only too well. Try not to let the hopelessness win *mwahs, loves and hugs*

*sighs and hugs you* Thank you.

*cuddles you and soothes you* Shh... be at peace, close your eyes.. and fell the warmth around you