I would love to see how much i could push emotional damage on myself before i expereinced insane qualities.

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Much better saying then you are what you eat...

I have felt what i believe to be the worst pains emotionally and mentally possible for many years. I believe i can't break. I truly believe i can't break. You know the saying whether you think you can or you think you cant you are right? <br />
<br />
I can't even give you an answer because i just don't believe it is possible.

Yeah i want to see them, Just like my physical limits too. To see what i am really capable of. To see if there really is something i can't handle.

Well i can feel pain, but i believe i already felt the worst emotional pain one could feel. There was a time it was so bad all i thought about was death. I stayed strong and kept on walking. I have got through it all. What is worse to feel that i haven't already felt and grown from?

Well, would it be a success if it turns out that you can?

I don't believe i can be damaged emotionally any more.

Do you think it will grant you any emotional damage?

It is a job that pays money, it will provide me with a home for awhile and food. I will have a lot of room to grow education wise. They will train me in an MOS of my choosing and afterward i wont even need college if i decide not to go that route, and i will have plenty of free time to practice my guitar and MMA.

Ah, ok then, why are you joining the Air Force?

I just plan to live life. I might be curious as to find out everything i am capable of, but i am sure i will learn a lot more in the air force, and when i get into MMA.

How would you intend to go about it?

I have experienced a lot of abuse. I have grown very strong. I want to see where my limit is at.

All right, I'm bored anyway, so go on and tell this lesser person why you want to try becoming insane.<br />
<br />
You can also just delete this comment like you did with my previous one and we'll pretend I never asked :P.

No one has even asked me one time my stance in it. Calling you all idiots is all i am going to do till then. I am not going to waste my time with lesser people.

You are all idiots. It is a sad day when people don't learn to think before they speak, but i can not help all the stupid people of this world. It is ok though because stupid people have been getting by for years, but it is still a shame. Oh well best of luck with your helmets!

Anandadas needs to think a little harder before voicing his concern. I could already have a mental disability being insane and he or you wouldn't know. Before opening your mouth ask a question to learn the whole story. It is called using your brain.

You don't know a thing about me. Use your brain before you think. I have already beat the odds of what i am suppose to be because of all the emotional pain i have seen.