I am not looking for a new boyfriend.  Thanks for the offers all the same but no thank you.

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Awwww you are so adorable.

Crown and diet coke for me please.

Er, what cha drinking and I can't believe you didn't offer some to milady?

:) I do love a good man. MMMM

So if your not looking for a boyfriend... how about a man.???

LOL Ladee. Maybe I am too picky?

Don't you think i look beautiful though!

Stoner, You so aren't!!!<br />
<br />
Josie,. LOL maybe 5 or 10.<br />
<br />
Ar, thank God! You had me on the net searching for computers.

Very true. I'm shattered.

Millions of guys around the world wringing their hands and crying today. FG just cut them off in their tracks and they a bemoaning their lot in life. Their world maybe coming to an end ... as they know it!<br />
<br />

I didn't like gray so i turned the color of it.


Elf hangs his head...........sniff sniff

Hey did you like make your avatar go purple or is my laptop effed up again?

They don't bother me. Ill talk to anyone who comes my way. I just let them know i will not be flirting back. It is hard enough to flirt with someone i actually like!

I just block them usually unless it is a day when I am just adding anyone who requests it.

Just seems odd that i attract so many little kids who i never spoken to before. Maybe someone is out to set me up.

LOL Rusty. <br />
Ar, Oh you mean GIRLS. I don't flirt with BOYS either.

Damn! Might as well give up then.

Ive had a few girls try to flirt with me too.. They don't understand that im not going to flirt back with a 13 year old. The kids love me for some reason...

A few.

You get a lot of offers?