And The Sign Says "taken!"


To Whom It May Concern ~ I am flattered by your words but my heart is taken.  We may be the odd couple in your eyes.....BUT IT WORKS FOR ME!!!

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16 Responses Feb 12, 2010

Lol, glad you enjoyed!! It's always good to have a laugh now and know what they say.....laughter is the best medicine around ;) Hope you have a great evening !! Giggles

Lol, now that's a tall lady!! I'm only 4'9" so I need a ladder to look down on the trooper :)

Your trooper reminds me of a girlfriend many years ago. She was 6' 8", built like a brick outhouse and taught unarmed combat to special forces. I'm 6' 2" and used to stand on a chair so I could look down on her :)

**LMBO as I watch strange man disappear into the horizon**

Hahahaha, yes our mad cheesecake affair would be over before it got started! He is 6'5" and all muscle....I swear I never saw you.... "Who?? A fresh what?? don't know what you're talking about!" .... ;)

Yes, I'm quite sure that TrprBadass will be pleased if you retract your last statement :) Lol, my heart belongs to him and he ALWAYS lets me have the last piece of cheesecake....yeah!

Hahaha, how in the world did you run across this old post?! I'd forgotten I put it up.....wellllll, if I ever lose my mind and run away, I promise to come looking for you :) I just love a man in a cowboy hat who writes beautiful poetry! Do you promise to write me lovely poems and feed me cheesecake every day? Lol, I'm a very demanding little woman ;)

Hahaha, you are so cute!!! I could use them!

Hahaha LMAO! That's right, I almost forgot. You are as short as I definitely would need a ladder!! My preference is standing on the coffee table when I want to see "eye to eye" with the big guy :P

I will come kick your *** giggles if you do lose your mind, and then I'll gab a ladder and kick his for not begging you to come back !!!!

ROFLMAO!!! Yes, Cheeky, those are my exact words when I first saw him....He's a Biggun' hahaha. If I ever lose my head and let him go, you have my permission to come to my house and whip my *** for stupidity!!!

YOur 6' 5' HOLY ****!!! damn you go girl!!! :P YOu seem like your both well suited for each other. I see real caring and love. There isn't a better match then that. tell all the jealous people to **** off cuz your happy!!

Aaww, thanks Bella! We may look like the odd couple but I am happy and I agree.....he's right for me!

He is all RIGHT for you haha. You tell whoever that is they don't know a thing about it! Love the pic you kind of looks like the two of you pfffffttt one BIG trooper and one teeny Lady. Mutt and Jeff ~ too cute!!!

Aawww, and I love you! I'll tell you later who thinks you are all wrong for me.....but no worries, I never listen. I think you are right, we fit together purrrrfectly :')

Who's been bothering my little kitten and why would they think we are the odd couple? Okay, so you're 4'9" and I'm 6'5", you're afraid of cops and I'm a state trooper, I'm 39 and you're..... hmmm....never mind the question, I see the point. But I happen to think that's what makes us fit together so well! You have my heart and I love you, Your Big Mutt ;')