Living Proof!

I just can't do the "one night stand" or the "friends with benefits" thing! No love, no sex. Plain and simple. I think this is most common with women, though I've know many girls who only wanted the sex and only that! :-/

But for me personally... I need to be able to love and feel loved in return. I need a commitment. And since love doesn't happen overnight, the guy's gotta wait until it does happen! =p

I had felt love, deep and true, for only two men in my life. But, I had to wait, to make sure it was true and not just a crush. And it really was, on my part. But before I could give in to them, they either dumped me or cheated on me. Feh... Not the kind of guys for me! Obviously, it wasn't true love for them. If it were, they would have waited and not make such a big deal out of it. What they felt for me was only lust! :-/

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1 Response Mar 7, 2009

first,i just want you to enlighten me on what you call love.?