Does It Always Have to Be Sex?

This is an unpopular male view, but does it? I'm talking to womankind as a whole.

When we were younger it seemed like we could just kiss for hours. Now it seems like it's straight to the sex. Is it that we've lost the innocence to just lie together? Or the patience to wait until we're in love before taking that step?

When we meet, I don't want to jump straight into bed, and when we're in a relationship, I don't want that to be all we think about.

Why can't we see each other through uncorrupted eyes, and hold on to that innocence?

Why can't we just kiss for hours again?

Why can't we just explore each others bodies and minds, and really get to know each other, without it always resulting in sex?

Is it really that important?

drix drix
18-21, M
7 Responses May 4, 2009

thumbs up drix:D<br />
id rather kiss and cuddle any day, to be honest most girls would<br />
if only most guys thought this way haha(:

Amazingly, i hold the same view. things are too direst these days....just cut to the business! i hate that about realtionships. Anyway as far as I know , sensitive girls would like to kiss more often than they would like to have sex! There you have it!

I am ditto-ing are surreal. There's an old soul here, my friend.

That's why I love you!:)*hugs*

Oh my, Drix, this is quite beautifully written. Why, I didn't know you had it in you. (just kidding). For such a young man, your maturity continues to awe me.

Drix, that was amazingly put, and nice to hear that coming from a man's perspective of this.

I think when you have true love, sex is very important, but so is snuggling up on the couch, kissing, teasing and showing your love in many other ways as well...