Read Profiles Before You Ask.

Lately I have been bombarded with fan requests from men who want to share their wives or have a *********. Tonight I got another one of these and just ignored this after I check out his profile. There is nothing on my profile to lead anyone to think that I would be interested in becoming friends with these types of people. I am not turned on by pee or poop. Beastality or having sex with you and your wife.

I am in a loving relationship and if these people would just look at what I write, they would know this. I am not a  prude but come on here! Before you give a fan request at least look at the person you are requesting. I am not some lonely desperate woman looking to give you thrills.. I found love and respect and am very happy with the man that I love.

And what about the questions lately? It is sexy for a daughter to have sex with her parents? No!  Where can one find pictures of two women having sex on EP? This was not a site founded on sex but a site for people to get support and understanding. I am adult enough to know that people have different ideas about proper behavior but I really dislike the tone of EP lately and I am entilted to my opinions as you are to yours.

Wife swappers,  defecators, and urinators, please do not bother contacting me because you are wasting your time. I will not answer you.

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2 Responses Feb 21, 2010

I agree with you! One has to make a stand sometimes. I will never go against what feels right to me. Thank you for your comment.

I "agree" with YOUR 'moral' Outlook, Diane.<br />
THIS 'age", TO ME, seems Like a REAL "battle" BETWEEN 'Those WITH Values' and 'Those WITHOUT Values'. Those "with" values CAN "defer" to Those W/O values....and THAT 'Will' GIVE them "GREAT" Cause TO REJOICE. THAT "is" THEIR 'Hope'. That "we" WILL do so.<br />
Yet WE (those WITH values) HAVE "to live" IN This World....One Way OR The Other. SO the Logical "sound" CONCLUSION 'IS' "to resist their efforts To Corrupt US "And This World". It ISN'T easy!!!...but, With Faith, it CAN be done....AND WON.