Just Couldn't Do It Without The Love And Trust

Now let me get this straight..... I absolutely LOVE sex but I just couldn't consider having sex with anyone without getting to know them first and really having some deep feelings for them. I'd rather go for years without sex than have sex with someone who I didn't know and have feelings for. I've never done the "pickup" thing or been "picked up". When you do get to know someone in an intimate way it also increases the excitement and experience if you wait till the time is right. When I met my current G/F we waited over 6 weeks before we finally had sex. It was well worth the wait....I'm also a big advocate for safe sex and I'd rather wait for both of us to have STD health checks and to know that I could trust them that they had had no other sex since the test. I don't like using  condoms, they take away so much of the pleasure...No love = no sex for me . I believe in monogomy truth and trust...

wattahappiness wattahappiness
51-55, M
Mar 3, 2010