Here I Am... I'm Trying.

I really hate those people who take one look at you and make those stupid assumptions. Everything and everyone seems to feel the need to have everything classified into stupid groups. People are not textas; you can't clump us all together according to our colour groups, or what we wear, or what we like. We're too complex for that. A person is not defined by one major idea... it's the minor ideas they hold that make them beings... more than robots. It's the ability to think. Too bad some people are idiots and think like idiots.

I like to wear make up - especially eye liner. I like putting pink in my hair. I like my leather jacket, and I love wearing black. I'm not emo. I'm not into heavy metal, or girls. No. I'm actually a classical musician. Shock horror. How many of you were expecting that? Yet there are so many hypocritical self-righteous ****** who tell me I'm an idiotic, pathetic, immature little girl, who is wasting her life hiding behind others and twiddling on instruments all day long. Well, I take my degree very seriously. No, it mightn't cure cancer, but I don't see a major breakthrough any time soon. The thing is, anyone who agrees with me and actually has an inkling of intelligence, would realise the value in all types of education... realise the value of morale, of culture... of sound. One of the basic senses of the human body.

However, there are some people who you just can't get through to. They always have to be right about everything, and yet YOU end up being the pretentious one. *sigh* no matter how much proof you have, fighting with a stupid person will always end the same way. What I fail to see, is how these stupid people can actually think (oh wait... they don't.... lol) that they are intimidating. It's called others can't be bothered.

Frankly, I don't get intimidated very easily. I'm very upfront about my emotions, and my views. If others don't like it, well then they don't have to talk to me. If's not like it's a legal obligation. I don't make views based on ignorance, because that would just be plain stupid. I'm not intimidated by people with more knowledge than me, and definitely not intimidated by people with less. It would just be so much easier if people could just act like PEOPLE and not barbarians. Sometimes I think that's too much to ask though.
CaitieLynn CaitieLynn
22-25, F
May 19, 2012