When the government comes before the law, tyranny is not far !

Steve Berry
" The amber room ".
FreeGemini FreeGemini
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1 Response Jan 18, 2013

Something big is coming. I don't know what or when I just feel something on the horizon and it feels more positive than negative.

I also think this kind of thing and I strongly hope that many bad things can disappear one day ....

THEMADDHATTERXXXX put up an article last night that is very interesting that i am trying to confirm in some way. All I can come up with is that something big is happening at the federal level right now and there is almost a news blackout on what. Only that somethi f is happening an no one can figure it out. I wonder if what Hatter's article says has merit.

I am always suspicious of politics, corruption, money, lies, manipulation .. etc ... a pity!