It Was The Hand I Was Dealt.

Unforunately, I was born into a very sports oriented family.  Everyone lives and breathes sports, doesn't matter which kind, as long as it's not "girly" like soccer, golf, tennis, swimming, etc.  Here at my aunt and uncle's, we haven't watched anything un-sports related all day.  Now we're watching the Mike Tyson movie.  ******* kill me!

Tomorrow I'm being dragged out to the local sports bar because my uncle said, "We have to go watch 'our'
Steelers" and their game won't come on our TV.  ******* buy the NFL ticket or some ****, I don't wanna sit at a sports bar for four hours tomorrow!  I am agoraphobic.  I can guarantee I'll have another panic attack with them.  The worst part is that we've got to go in the damn morning.  That is the absolute worst time of day for anyone to ever expect anything out of me.

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4 Responses Jan 2, 2010

How'd you enjoy the Steelers game? Was it boring?

And you've never been to a sports game in your entire life?

Maybe you're the girly-girl type! You like other things(long as they're not sports-related)you like soap operas, talk shows, movies, etc?

Sports are boring to me, I don't know why. It's something the men in my family all share. It makes me feel alienated. I'm glad they have that to bond over, but I just don't get it. My dad saw that Tyson movie. He seems quite sympathetic toward the guy!