No Sports

Apart from some rope climbing as a kid, some fierce playing and the bike once in a while, I'm not into sports.  I'm living the life of a normal, healthy person.  I don't believe it's necessary or even healthy to overstretch the body or torture it for no reason. 

I accept that many people think differently, be it that the absoluteness of health as a collective sacred good worries me somehow.  The supremacy of it has led to growing discrimination. 

One is supposed to obey the norms and values of the ideal woman or man.  Slim, tall, muscular.  Meaning: work out!  jogging!  mineral water!  athletics!  It's so funny to see them running.  As if eternal life will be their reward.

In spite of all my bad habits and my age -that too is forbidden, one has to be young- I'm not fat and have no pudding face, and women find me increasingly attractive. 

Maybe it is because some of them (fortunately those I fancy most) hope for something different in a man and don't expect him to be physically perfect.

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56-60, M
Feb 28, 2010