Why Waste The Time?

I have no use for fair weather friends. To be my friend you must stick with me through thick and thin. Loyalty is paramount. Kindness is crucial. Compassion is a must. Patience and understanding will take us far. I make mistakes but I own them. I’m not afraid to apologize.

The friends who have dumped me because: I wouldn’t gossip with you about people we know. I changed jobs. I moved a few miles away. I didn't talk enough. I had the audacity to share my own opinion which was different from yours... I moved out-of-state. I might as well have moved out-of-state... I got sick and you thought I was faking it. (Seriously? What did I see in you?) I didn't go to college....and the list goes on...

All of you?

Good riddance.

I don’t need any fair weather friends.
kittysoftpaws kittysoftpaws
36-40, F
Jan 14, 2013