I'm Anything I Want to Be.

I'm the second youngest out of four girls and while all the others have got married or had kids i'm still single and no children. Part of this is my choice and part of it is natures i guess. Anyway they all see me as this pathetic girl who's left alone, but i'm not...i try and see it another way. I'm independant and self reliant. I'm free and only have myself to please. I'm able to go out without having to ask permission or lug ten bags around containing nappies and toys and clothes. Sure if prince charming came along on his white horse who am i to turn him down (especially if he comes in the form of Robert Pattinson lol) but until then I am quite happily flying the flag for the independant woman! Lets go girls xx

CullenzChik CullenzChik
2 Responses Jul 29, 2009

good for you =) go girl!

Get it girl! Having your life to yourself is real freedom. No worries, and do as you please! Just make sure you use your time wisely and try to accomplish something in your life while you still have tyime, children make it so much harder...