Next Person Will Get Punched

ARGH okay yes I have left college yes I am out of job but stop calling me LAZY!!!! Eugh it's so annoying everyone keeps calling me a "bum" okay it's in a jokey way but it still ****** me off!!!! Is it my god damn fault that there are no decent jobs going?!? Did I drop out of college because I thought "oooh this is too hard **** it!" NO !!!! And the people who say this are (I'm not being big headed here) but less academic than myself, and I could have easily taken their spot for their sixth year A level course. Eugh really bugs me in not lazy their just isn't jobs out there for me!!!! 

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1 Response Mar 12, 2009

yeah... i feel ya on this one... only I got kicked out for bad grades, but because of that I'm lazy and didn't apply myself... Didn't apply myself--yes... Didn't get in the groove of things until too late--yes... But I am not lazy. Totally feel ya... Good luck on the job hunting!